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Customer Care:
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Resort

The following are some of the questions we hear most often from our customers, and we present them here for your convenience. Have a question that is not addressed here? Contact us to learn more.

Q: How am I charged?

A: You are charged for the day of drop-off regardless of the time. If you pick up your pet before 12:00 noon, , you will not be charged for that day. You will be charged for the day if you pick up your pet after 12:00 noon.

Q: Do I need an appointment for boarding, or can I just show up?

A: You need an appointment for boarding. You can call on the day you would like to board during our off-season, and we will most likely be able to fit you in. However, during peak season, your chances of getting a room at the last minute are not as good.

Q: If I want to have a tour of your facility, do I need an appointment?

A: Yes, you do need an appointment. We usually have tours from 1:00-4:00 PM every day.

Q: How often does my dog get outside?

A: If doggy doors cannot stay open all day, dogs are let out every two hours and given exercise in our grass dog park.

Q: Do you mix other owners' dogs together?

A: No, we don't mix other owners’ dogs in groups for safety reasons. We are one-on-one with the dogs and spend time with them throughout the day.

Q: My dog is on a special medication or diet (raw,homemade food, etc.) Is this something you can accommodate?

A: Yes, we can administer medications. We have a freezer and refrigerator for any special diet.

Q: Can my dog be bathed before pick-up?

A: Yes, we can bathe your pet for a small fee.

Q: Is there someone in the kennel with the pets overnight?

A: There is always someone on the property overnight, just not in the kennel with the dogs.

Q: What if my dog is sometimes aggressive with other dogs or people?

A: No problem. Our kennel is designed so we do not need to put ourselves or your dog in harm's way. There is access to outside via a dog door that we operate from outside of the room. We can send your dog outside, clean their kennel, add food, and then let them back in. We strive to make friends—even with the aggressive dogs. Snacks and happy voices tend to help.

Q: Are the rooms climate-controlled?

A: Yes, during the winter the kennel has in-floor heat. During the summer, it is air conditioned. During the nice weather, dog doors are open, and dogs have access to their outdoor patio all day.

Q: Do you take unaltered pets?

A: Everyone is welcome. All the dogs have individual inside and outside kennels.